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Prema Smith

Singer. Actor. Philanthropist


About Prema

A Born Performer

Despite standing at 5’4, Prema Smith is larger than life. An actor, director, singer and mental health advocate, Prema is a true artist and philanthropist with skills in all arenas. With both formal training and a wealth of life experience, he has been involved in award-winning films, his songs have been played all over the world, and he has even found the time to launch his own mental health campaign, Self Appreciation Day, which had its inaugural launch in 2018. With unparalleled drive, vision and Joie de Vivre, and a fantastic team of creatives working with him, Prema Smith is the man you need involved in your project.

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It’s not the goal or dream that is the success, it’s the person you become in the process of achieving that.

Prema Smith


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Sydney NSW, Australia


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